Wastewater Solutions

Process Optimizations - Energy Savings – Nutrient Removal


BioChem Technology specializes in the monitoring, optimization and control of wastewater treatment processes. By combining high-level consultation services with a suite of proprietary control technologies, BioChem's experts can show plant owners and operators how to meet increasingly stringent effluent standards and simultaneously reduce energy costs — without major capital expenditures.

BioChem offers the following control products and services to the municipal wastewater treatment market:

  • Biological process modeling, design and optimization
  • Optimal process controller for biological treatment
  • Aeration control design and optimization
  • Process-based aeration controller

BioChem is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, and has a sales and applications office in Shanghai, China.

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Our Products

BioChem has two core products that, together or individually, focus on the optimization of aeration and secondary treatment of wastewater.

  • The Bioprocess Aeration Control System (BACS):

    BioChem has developed an advanced aeration control system to effectively control the residual dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in each aerobic zone of an activated sludge wastewater treatment process.

  • The Bioprocess Intelligent Optimization System (BIOS):

    The Bioprocess Intelligent Optimization System (BIOS) is an integrated hardware and software system that enables real-time monitoring and control of wastewater treatment operations based on the dynamically changing biological activity occurring in the bioreactor. The BIOS controls the secondary treatment process to provide optimal conditions for microbial treatment.

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